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Flagship Megatron Features and Functions

In our previous blog post, we went into detail about the technical features of our new product Megatron. Today, we're excited to share more about its features.

Like other products in the Robosen series, Megatron may look like a "large remote-controlled toy" on the surface, but in reality, this version of Megatron is no longer just a "toy". Its features include conversion, original voice, voice-controlled action, and programming.

Multiple programming modes

Those familiar with Robosen products know that all Robosen robots can be programmed through voice and app. Unlike other products, Megatron currently supports five programming modes, including voice programming, block-based programming, manual programming, easy programming, and PC programming.

In Megatron's programming modes, easy programming is an important mode that allows users to manually adjust robot movements without an app. It gains greater programming flexibility and lowers the difficulty of programming, making it more accessible for more people to enjoy.

As soon as users turn on Megatron and use the voice command to enter the easy programming mode, the fun begins. Users simply say the command, manually adjust each joint to get the robot into the desired posture, and then click the power button. Once they hear a prompt from the robot, they can continue manually adjusting to program the next movement.

Once users have sequentially set their desired actions, they voice the command "play," and the robot will save and perform the user-set actions. Actions that have already been saved can be edited after connecting to the app.



New feedback interaction

With the release of Megatron, the previous voice interaction, app interaction, and programming operations were retained. More lively and fun interaction methods were added. The most interesting one is to interact via direct touch on the robot itself.

When users receive Megatron, touch interaction is turned on by default, and users can turn it off via the app.

The touch interaction trigger locations are on the chest and buttocks in human form. When the user touches the chest, Megatron lifts its hand for a short-range swing forward and triggers the corresponding voice. When the buttocks are touched, Megatron will lift its hand to swing backward and trigger another corresponding voice.

Besides regular interaction modes, Megatron has also set up different interactions for idle and shutdown modes. In the interaction mode, if there is no voice or key input for 3 continuous minutes, the machine will enter idle mode, intermittently making breathing motions.

When the battery is lower than 10%, it will indicate a low battery, and then it will shut down automatically. Upon shutdown, if in human form, it will squat down to complete the shutdown. But if in tank mode, it will maintain that form to complete the shutdown. There is an accompanying voice saying,“Peace through tyranny” along with tank shutdown sound effects.

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Cannon shell firing function

In addition to the original weapon accessories and movements, Megatron has added a more playable accessory this time: cannon shells.

In Megatron's tank form, users can use the four cannon shells equipped in the package. The shells are controlled and fired through voice or the app. To ensure safety, the firing range of the shell is controlled to be within 60mm.

Voiceover and mini-theater

Robosen invited Frank Welker to provide the voiceover for Megatron, and the machine is programmed with a total of 235 voice lines.

This time, Megatron comes with a single-player, two-player, and multi-player mini-theater. The single-player theater includes Megatron's human form opening ceremony and some dance music. The two-player theater includes scripts where Megatron and Optimus Prime interact.



Just like previous products, starting from delivery, Robosen will release a new action in Action Center every week, for a total of 20 weeks. After receiving the product, you can download it within the app.

Let’s anticipate more awesome and cool actions and plays of Megatron!

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